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Experience the Difference

I am a Professional Keynote Speaker, Certified iPEC Coach, and an Organizational Trainer, with a PhD in Clinical Psychology.  I strive to take very complex concepts and make them manageable and understandable so everyone can create a LIFEPRINT, born of insight, self-reflection and empathy.Check out my video for more in depth description of a LIFEPRINT.   

 I’m Dr. B, my unique combination of research into human resiliency, child development, trauma and grief have taught me to see the world in relation to its connected and disconnected parts. My lens is focused on the big picture of inclusion. That means the intersection of where our dialogue about diversity and difference, equals strength, not division.

My passion is to talk about relationships in ways that are innovative and lead to more productive, successful and happier lives. When beneficial relationships are combined with healthy communication, every aspect of life; parenting, partnering, working and even adventuring, becomes better.

Let’s talk qualifications, briefly, I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology, with a specialization in Parent-Child Mental Health (PIMH) and strong emphasis in Neuropsychology. I have an MA in Early Childhood Education, with a K-12 credential, and BA in Child Development. I have presented at conferences across the country and travel all over the world to better understand human relationships, resiliency and connection.  If you want to know more, just ask!